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We all know how annoying it can be to have a chipped or cracked windshield. However, not many people are aware of the risks that come with it! Driving around with a broken or cracked windshield makes your entire windshield structurally unsound and can quickly cause further damage, or shatter completely and cause harm to you and those within your vehicle. At Glass and more we provide the best automotive glass repairs, replacement and installation services in the Belleville, Illinois area! Contact us to get started with your FREE estimate!

Windshield Repair Belleville Illinois

Windshield Repair

If you have minor chips and cracks in your windshield, you can count on us for quick, easy, and affordable, solutions. Without the proper attention that small crack will turn into a larger and more costly issue. Bring your car by today to get started with your FREE estimate! When determining whether your chip can be repaired or needs to be replaced, our windshield specialists look at the type of chip, its depth, location, and its ability to spread. While not all chips or small cracks will be eligible for repair, we are committed to repairing all that we can to save you time, money, and headaches!

Auto Glass Solutions in Belleville IL

Automotive Glass Replacement

When repair services are unavailable, we have an automotive glass full replacement services available. Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, our team of professionals will still provide you with the best automotive glass replacements perfect for you! We’ll remove it and install a new one, returning your vehicle to you good as new. Don’t put off replacing your auto glass – your vehicle’s windshield is the number one safety restraint in your vehicle. Stay safe and keep your passengers safe with our expert auto glass replacement services!

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Mobile Auto Glass Repair

We know that cracks happen when it’s inconvenient. At Glass & More we are proud to be the fastest auto glass repair team in the Belleville, Illinois area! We operate on 24-hour mobile glass repair services completed by our trained and friendly technicians and installers.

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Insurance Glass Repair Services

If you are in need of auto glass repair as a part of an insurance claim, we offer insurance estimates and can assist you in filling out the paperwork when communicating with your insurance company. If you are not wanting to make a claim we can also provide you with our affordable auto glass repair services without breaking the bank.

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FAQ – Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that may help you make the right decision when it comes to glass repair or replacement services. If your questions aren’t answered below, we ask that you call our office to speak with a member of our team and to get started on your FREE estimate!

“What are the most common causes of windshield/window damage?”

Unfortunately, window and windshield damage can be caused by a wide range of things. Window damage could happen just about anywhere. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Debris (rocks, construction materials, garbage, etc.)
  • Gravel Roads
  • Poor Quality Glass
  • Car Accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Theft (Car Jacking)
  • Rocks
  • Flying Objects (baseballs, footballs, etc.)
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“How much will my repair cost?”

There are quite a few factors that determine how much your window repair will cost. In fact, the window may not even be able to be repaired. The cost of the repairs will depend mostly on the following things:

Severity of Damage – Small cracks and chips cost less than larger cracks and complete replacement jobs.

Type of Glass – A basic windshield will cost less than a windshield that requires complicated installation or has extra features like fog protection or window tinting.

Location – Another factor is the placement of the window on the car.

Size – Typically, the smaller the windshield or window, the less it will cost; however, this is not the only factor that determines the price.

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How does window/windshield replacement service work?

This depends on the service you need, and what your schedule is like. You can always schedule an appointment to come to our shop for repairs and replacement. However, you can also take advantage of our mobile auto glass service that’s available to everyone in the Belleville, Illinois area!