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Windshield-Mounted Camera Recalibration

What exactly is windshield calibration? Windshield calibration refers to the recalibration of a camera that is mounted on the windshield. This process makes sure that the windshield camera sensor is properly aimed, ensuring accuracy for the driver assistance systems inside of your vehicle. This can include systems like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, collision avoidance braking, and other ADAS systems. We have included why this system is key to ensuring your safety down below.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS Windshield Background Information

To better understand why this system is so important for your vehicle, we should explain what ADAS is. If you have watched a car commercial recently, then you probably have heard about ADAS features without even realizing it. These features include automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings.

These features are a part of the ADAS system. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. This means that ADAS is the type of safety system for your vehicle which uses cutting-edge technology including cameras and other sensors which help prevent an accident from occurring. These types of systems help provide warnings and can assist the driver by steering and braking in order to avoid hazards on the roads.  These devices are made up of several components including cameras, lasers, radars, and other devices.

ADAS Cameras

ADAS Cameras

Driver assistance systems utilize camera-based sensors in order to help the driver with being more attentive to the road. Forward-sensing ADAS cameras can be mounted inside of the vehicle’s windshield, usually near where the rearview mirror is attached. Most vehicles only use one camera, however, some vehicles utilize two. These cameras help detect lane markings, road signs, and other street information that can help detect hazardous situations before it is too late. There is also software involved that helps analyze the images taken by the cameras and determines what actions need to be taken.

What is Windshield Calibration?

You may be wondering why you need to calibrate a windshield. This actually refers to calibrating the ADAS equipment which is located near your windshield. Once your ADAS camera is put in its position it is unable to calibrate itself. So, if this camera becomes out of line or your windshield is replaced, you will need a professional ADAS calibration team to make sure it is properly calibrated. Our team of professionals at Belleville Glass & More Inc. can help ensure it is properly aligned.

Overall, the ADAS calibration process involves adjusting and testing all sensors and cameras that are attached to the windshield, making sure that they work properly. If the ADAS features are not calibrated, they will not operate which can lead to an accident.

Windshield-mounted camera calibration requires professionals who are trained and who utilize specialized tools within a controlled environment. Depending on the type of vehicle that you have, your calibrations can be dynamic, static, or both.

Static Windshield Camera Calibration

Static Windshield Camera Calibration

Static calibration is the process that adjusts the hard-coded values of your camera’s specific components. An example of this would be ensuring that your camera is at the proper height and makes sure that is adjusted properly in order to work with other camera sensors.

This phase of ADAS calibration will require specialized equipment and a variety of calibration targets that the sensors will have to recognize in order to properly calibrate. In order to do this the car will have to be at the correct distance from the targets as well as the proper height. There are a variety of methods for using these ADAs tools, but this step must be done correctly in order to guarantee the best outcome.

Dynamic Windshield Camera Calibration

Dynamic Windshield Camera Calibration

Dynamic calibration, which is also referred to as on-road calibration begins in the shop. IT starts with using a diagnostic tool in order to identify which ADAS features are not working properly, similar to static calibration. After this, your technicians drive on the road with traffic performing several specific maneuvers. The result of this dynamic calibration is that all of your car’s safety features are operating correctly, especially when they are needed the most.

When Is a Calibration Necessary?

In vehicles that have forward-facing cameras, a calibration is necessary whenever something moves the camera out of its original position. Usually when there is a windshield replacement, you will most likely need to calibrate your ADAS equipment.

If you are looking for a windshield calibration, make sure you trust our team of professionals at Belleville Glass & More Inc. today!